Share the Love

Be part of our pay it forward initiative and fund video for those doing good.


Having worked for years in the NGO and charity sector, we know first hand how hard it can be for people to get funding or access to high quality video production. The same can be said for small, purpose driven businesses, like us, who pay it forward in their own way. So we decided to start our own initiative and give you the optional gift of feel good giving!!

Soulhaven is offering reduced rate video for publicly nominated charities, NGO’s and small businesses doing good, funded by donations from YOU, our amazing community of clients.


  • Step One

    You are awesome and decide to give an additional percentage of your video fee, for us to pay forward.

  • Step Two

    We wait for more awesome people to do the same and for the coffers to fill up!

    Step Two

  • Step Three

    We reach out to local charities and offer them our services for free to highlight the good work they do!

That’s it! You give a little bit extra, you add some feel good into the world, and you help us to do our own piece of good by offering our skills to those who really need it and would never normally have access to it, so that they can keep doing their good! It’s a BIG SOUP OF GOODNESS!

We will keep you updated via our Facebook and website with those organisations who have benefited from your amazing kindness! You are also welcome to nominate someone for us to add to the list.

Know someone doing good who needs video? Send us a message and nominate them!

Watch this space for our first ever Share The Love video, funded by YOU, Soulhaven’s amazing customer community.