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I have always balked at the idea of networking. The word itself makes me shiver with dread. Socializing? Socializing about…business? I’m a creative, what do I know about business? What I have I got to offer other business people? Suits? All I have are t-shirts? I’m a videographer, I produce videos for those people that do the networking – I’m not enough of a business person to be in that world. I’m not good at networking – that’s not for me. I don’t belong.

Recently I was introduced to the very amazing, bizz powerhouse that is Lucy Ambrose of Ambrose Marketing. We got talking, and what started as me offering photography for her clients quickly turned into a full on collab package for medium to large businesses!

Well, this week, I finally updated my editing software, and guess what it came with?  Check out the video below!

I’ve recently been lucky enough to be dragged out of bed at 5am several days in a week for work. Now, ordinarily that would be a special kind of torture for me, but on each of these occasions I can assure you it was well and truly worth it.

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