Introducing New Animated Titles and Motion Graphics!

a.k.a. I finally updated my editing software and it came with new toys

It’s been years since I updated my editing software, and as such I’ve missed out on all the wonderful new tools and toys that are now fairly commonplace. One of the tools I have frequently searched for as a plug in over the years is animated titles for my editing software, Vegas. Animated titles are eye-catching and visually appealing, making them an excellent tool for attracting viewers’ attention. By utilizing animation techniques such as motion graphics and kinetic typography, you can create engaging titles that keep your viewers hooked throughout the video and elevate the quality of even the simplest video!

Well, this week, I finally updated my editing software, and guess what it came with?  Check out the video below!

I love them!!! They are so simple, and yet as I’ve already started using them in my productions, I notice how easily they can inject a sense of playfulness, professionalism, drama and character into any video. They are such a fantastic, efficient method for enhancing videos, grabbing viewers’ attention within seconds, whilst also providing context about what the video is about!

I’m thrilled to have these new tools to offer my clients going forward!